Introducing Cryptyde

A blockchain company focused on consumer adoption of smart contract technologies

Creating innovative new Web3 businesses using blockchain technologies including NFTs, Smart Contracts, Metaverse and Crypto.

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Taking aim at Web3 and beyond - a look at our company

We plan to have three initial business lines - Web3 (decentralized internet) products, Bitcoin mining services and consumer packaging.

Through our Web3 products business line, we will seek to acquire and build brands that use decentralized blockchain technologies in a variety of consumer facing industries, such as music, movies, digital art, ticketing and event services and gaming.

Our Bitcoin mining services will aim to make Bitcoin mining accessible to consumers previously priced out of the field.

Additionally, we will continue to grow the 50 plus year history of our consumer packaging business.

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Our Businesses

Web3, NFTs, The Metaverse, Crypto, and much more

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A diverse successful group of professionals with years of combined experience.

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