How Much Does It Cost To Build A Crypto Exchange

Existek estimated the costs of building a crypto exchange available on mobile platforms and the web: An exchange typically requires a back and front end developer, a mobile developer for each mobile platform, a graphic designer, a couple quality assurance … Read More

The Social Side Of The Blockchain

Michael J. Casey wrote about all the ways the blockchain is and could be used to benefit society: In Azraq, a Jordanian refugee camp, 10,000 people have their retinas scanned and recorded on a blockchain based transaction log to track … Read More

New ICO: Protostarr

Ptorostarr is an Ethereum blockchain based currency that aims to help users sponsor up and coming talent. Owners of the token can invest in “Rising Starrs” that have potential. In return for the cash the Rising Starrs agree to pay … Read More

The 6 Funniest Tweets About Bitcoin Cash

If BitcoinCash never actually needs more than 1MB of transactions, will that be irony? — Big λ (@BigLambda) August 2, 2017 I’ve finally figured out how to explain the #bitcoin vs. #bitcoincash fork. — ฿eluga (@crypto_beluga) August 5, 2017 … Read More