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Our metaverse encompasses uniquely-designed characters that function within a specific ecosystem, allowing users to collect, transact, gift or swap various resources, physical assets, real estate and more.

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The future of the internet is here

FREESCAPE NFTs act as the membership card to the FREESCAPE platform, as well as granting access to members-only benefits. Users receive rewards in the form of virtual currency known as FREESCAPE tokens, that are airdropped into the member’s online wallet. These tokens can be traded and redeemed in the marketplace to buy aesthetic items, and eventually, within the FREESCAPE metaverse and gaming applications.

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Freescape roadmap

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Variety of user experience environments offer different role-playing scenarios. First up, the Mega Wild West.

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Special Characters

Individual NFTs that explore multiple environments.

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Area to purchase enhanced experience items including art, music, real estate, character upgrades and pets.

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AR/VR concerts, virtual meet and greets with celebrities.

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Cross Socialization Ecosystem

Collaboration between characters via chat and other social features.

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Welcome to the Metaverse

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