The Social Side Of The Blockchain

Michael J. Casey wrote about all the ways the blockchain is and could be used to benefit society:

  • In Azraq, a Jordanian refugee camp, 10,000 people have their retinas scanned and recorded on a blockchain based transaction log to track food distribution.
  • UN Women is exploring a blockchain based program to help women in Rwanda transfer digital assets without having to rely on third parties.
  • One startup is working with developing countries to use the blockchain to track donor funds.
  • A decentralized blockchain based marketplace to help Afghan women trade with each other, unhindered by male dominated institutions, is being evaluated.
  • A venture capitalist announced a plan to use the blockchain to incentivize people to gather reliable data about the world’s coral reefs in an effort to help protect them.
  • A former World Bank official is trying to use the blockchain to provide an official identity to the estimated 2 billion who don’t have one.

Read more about each of these efforts on Venture Beat.

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